Christian Vocational Academy's mission and program

The Christian Vocational Academy is made up of a combination of Christian, vocational and high school home-study programs designed for students preparing for full-time Christian service. The Christian Studies and Vocational Training include both secondary and non-degree certificate programs.

The program emphasizes vocational skills and Christian character development. The CVA lays the foundation for careers in missionary and evangelistic work, teaching, counseling, pastoring, publishing, performing, and much more. Students in the program are encouraged to explore and develop their own interests, talents and Christian convictions.

The CVA program gives students the opportunity to further their Christian and vocational studies through active involvement in real-life career training situations with opportunity to learn Christian ministries and vocational skills directly from others involved in full-time Christian service. Students also have the opportunity to acquire other practical job skills from classes and field trips, working with skilled members of the community or through audio-visual and textbook instruction.

Academic students have for the most part scored well on the SAT, ACT, GED, and other standardized tests, and some students have been granted full or partial scholarships after completing CVA Courses.

Students in the Academic Studies Department (Junior High and High School) of the CVA program, upon successful completion of the requirements, receive a CVA Junior High School, General High School or Senior High School Diploma. To qualify for a CVA High School Diploma, besides the academic requirements, students must earn 20 CVA credits in Christian Studies and 20 in vocational studies. These credits may also count towards CVA Proficiency Certificates in any of the fields of specialty offered in the program. To receive a CVA Vocational or Christian Studies Certificate, students must pass all courses and complete the extensive on-the-job training and performance requirements set down for certificates.

Each Christian Studies Certificate or Vocational Proficiency Certificate is supported by a Studies Record and Experience Log detailing courses taken, training experience and accomplishments. Students also have the option of preparing personal portfolios documenting their experience and training with letters of recommendation, transcripts of marks, personal resume of job and learning experiences, photographs, videos, etc.

After completion of studies, CVA graduates are well on their way to success in the vocation of his or her choice, having already demonstrated the occupational skills, work habits, experience, knowledge and attitudes needed to succeed.



Christian Vocational Academy

* The Christian Vocational Academy has chosen not to be accredited, due to the restrictions it would place on our diverse and specialized programs. Diplomas and Proficiency Certificates issued by CVA are non-accredited.