Christian Certificate Listing
Name Description Credits
Bible Knowledge This certificate area focuses on courses aimed at increasing a student's working knowledge of God's Word both as a source of comfort and spiritual instruction but also as the door to understanding Endtime and future events. Scripture memorization is stressed. (Note: This certificate may be applied towards an Ordination Certificate.) 20.00
Christian Leadership This certificate is designed for those who oversee God's work or God's workers in any capacity. A working knowledge of "The Love Charter" is essential. One must obtain this certificate in order to qualify for an Ordination Certificate. 36.00
Christian Counseling This certificate area covers a wide range of Christian counseling themes, ranging from spiritual counseling to how to deal with the more down to earth daily challenges and difficulties of life. 20.00
Christian Outreach This certificate area focuses on all aspects of active Christian outreach, including witnessing and soul-winning, teaching others about Jesus, fund raising, special outreach ministries to those in need, help for the poor or disaster victims, witnessing through performances, etc. 20.00
Christian Service This certificate is centered around courses aimed at strengthening Christian character and all that goes into making a true disciple of Jesus Christ: learning to listen to God and obey His voice, exercise faith, learn the power of prayer, overcome personal problems, maintain unity, etc. 20.00
Christian History and Heritage Courses in this area of study help students learn about how the Family was founded and understand the Family's role and place in Christianity today. Students also have the opportunity to learn about the lives and literature of great men and women of faith from all ages. No practical experience is necessary to obtain a certificate in this field of study. 25.00
Ordination Candidates for ordination must be 18 years or older and must: a) Hold a Christian Leadership certificate; b) Complete the required courses; c) Complete their choice of optional courses sufficient to meet the total credits requirements; d) Submit a letter of recommendation signed by their CVC Course Supervisor, and two Home teamwork members who have known the candidate for not less than 6 months. Prerequisite: REL CL-0 Christian Leadership Certificate. 25.00