The Christian Vocational Academy (CVA) was an international U.S.-based distance-learning program for secondary and post-secondary studies.

The program was launched in 1996 as the "Christian Vocational College" (CVC) and provided academic, vocational, and Christian training for its students. In 2005, the Christian Vocational College changed its name to Christian Vocational Academy (CVA). The CVA curriculum was offered to members of the Family International, a Christian missionary fellowship, and their dependents.

The CVA faculty chose to close the CVA program in 2007 in order to reevaluate and assess its goals and objectives.

The CVA had several offices which provided services to students in different countries. These offices closed on the dates below:

August 31, 2007
Southeast Asia and the Middle East
North America and Central America

September 30, 2007
Europe, Africa, Russia, and the former Soviet Republics

November 30, 2007
South America
India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka
Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, and China